Hell Freezes Over: Elizabeth Warren Admits Trump’s Tax Cuts Are Working

Kirsters Baish| Ultra liberal crybaby Senator Elizabeth Warren seemed to swallow her own words on Friday when she made a direct acknowledgement that the GOP tax plan was actually helping millions of working-class American families all across our country. She also stated that she was “in favor of all of that.”

The Democratic Senator from Massachusetts went on a radio show to be interviewed. During the interview, Warren made a very rare admission. She stated that she was actually “glad” when she read that “there are companies that have given out” large holiday bonuses which follow the law’s passage.

Elizabeth Warren was quoted having said, “Look, I am glad when I read that there are companies that have given out $1,000 bonuses. There are companies that say they’re going to re-work some of their benefit plans. I’m in favor of all of that. I want to see working families do better, you bet.”

This is a HUGE admission from someone like Warren.

Senator Warren moved back to her same old script afterwards, saying that she was in favor of bonuses, however, she was not happy that the tax cuts ended in a “giveaway” to American businesses.

She finished up by saying, “But let’s keep in mind, the giveaway was $1.4 trillion and it was given directly to the biggest corporations and the billionaires in this country.”

You can hear Warren’s admission below:

It seems as though hell has finally frozen over. Senator Elizabeth Warren may have just wrecked her entire image with one radio interview, and we couldn’t be more excited.