Watch: Geraldo Confronts San Juan Mayor Who Said President Trump is ‘Killing’ Puerto Ricans- “I Don’t See People …”

Kirsters Baish| The San Juan Mayor has been allowing her personal hatred for President Trump get in the way of her efforts to help offer aid to the people of Puerto Rico. It’s time that she start reconsidering the way she operates. Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz has refused to participate in any and all FEMA meetings regarding aid to Puerto Rico during the recovery period following Hurricane Maria. She has time and time again accused President Trump and his administration of not properly helping the people of Puerto Rico. She has even made claims that the federal government is “killing” Puerto Ricans. This is a hefty statement coming from someone who has no evidence of such claims.

Recently, Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera made his way to Puerto Rico and confronted Mayor Cruz about her bold statement that Puerto Rican are “dying” due to the “inefficiency and bureaucracy” of the Trump administration. He boldly challenged Cruz and asked, “But are people dying? I’ve been traveling around, I don’t see people dying. I spoke to the doctors, they say they saw 53 patients and they had a person who was septic, but nobody dying.”

Cruz shot back, “Dying is a continuum. If you don’t get fed for seven, eight days and you’re a child, you are dying. If you have 11 people like we took out of a nursing home, severely dehydrated, you are dying.”

This lady has to be kidding. She is skating around the truth to feed into her narrative that the Trump administration isn’t helping enough, when in reality they are doing everything they can. Obviously dying is a continuum. Everyone is dying every second that they are living. Luckily, Rivera wasn’t buying to Cruz’s ridiculous statement.

“The death count was 16 a week ago. It remains 16 today,” Rivera stated. “People are not dying.”

You can watch the video of Rivera’s interview with Cruz below:

The Daily Mail released an article on Sunday that completely backed up everything Rivera said during the interview. They wrote that a Puerto Rican woman who identified herself as a police officer alleged that Cruz and the Puerto Rican Governor, Ricardo Rossello, have been keeping supplies from being distributed to the people “in order to make for better photo opportunities.” The woman actually stated that the United States armed forces need to “come in and distribute the aid.”

The Daily Mail wrote about the alleged police officer’s allegations:

The woman – who did not provide proof of being a cop – said that she was calling from Guynabo, a municipality that borders San Juan. Supposedly speaking through an app that took an hour and a half to download, she claimed that supplies had been piling up since Hurricane Maria hit, but were not being distributed. ‘The mayor, Carmen Yulin, is not allowing anyone to distribute,’ she said, audibly upset. ‘We need… what us Puerto Ricans need is that the US armed forces come in and distribute the aid.’ She also demanded that they ‘stop Governor Rossello,’ adding ‘It’s an abuse, it looks like Communism, on our own island’ before breaking into tears.

While it isn’t 100% clear if Cruz’s statements and actions are motivated by her politics, it is highly likely. The Daily Caller also reported about Mayor Cruz’s ecstatic reaction when former President Barack Obama commuted the sentence of convicted Puerto Rican terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera.
 Below is a piece of the report from The Daily Caller:

Yulin Cruz added, “This great celebration is going to be in the streets and it is going to be extraordinarily large. So do come by starting Thursday to celebrate what our hearts scream for. Thanks, President Obama. Long live Oscar Lopez Rivera.”Lopez Rivera was sentenced to 35 years in prison for his involvement in the FALN, a Puerto Rican separatist group that was responsible for more than 100 bombings in the U.S. during the 1970s and 1980s.

It’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out about what’s really going on in Puerto Rico. Mayor Cruz can’t hide behind her lies forever.